OFA Management – First Year Kit (without Bees)


This kit comes with all the equipment needed for implementing the Oakley Family Apiaries Management Plan for one colony in its first season.

This kit does not come with bees and queen!


  • 2 Deep “Eight Frame” boxes
  • 14 Wooden Deep Frames with Plastic Foundation
  • 2 Frame Feeders (these hold 3/4 gallon of syrup each)
  • Beehive Cover (reversible)
  • Beehive Bottom Board (reversible)
  • Vertical Split Divider Board
  • Queen Excluder (metal bound)
Local pick-up only. Shipping is not provided with this item.
We do not ship bees, beekeeping equipment, beekeeping supplies, or protective equipment. Any purchases of those items will need to be picked up directly from our home apiary located at:

664 W. Elm Mott Dr.
Elm Mott, Texas 76640
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