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OFA Management “Complete” Starter Beehive (NOT AVAILABLE)


A starter beehive that comes with all the equipment needed (except protective gear and tools) to implement the Oakley Family Apiaries Management Plan for one beehive. Includes:

  • Starter Bee Colony with Queen
  • 3 Deep “Eight Frame” Boxes (painted)
  • 22 Deep Frames w/ Waxed Plastic Foundation
  • 2 Frame Feeders (hold one gallon of syrup each)
  • Migratory Cover (painted)
  • Solid Bottom Board (painted)
  • Double Screen Divider
  • Queen Excluder (metal bound)
  • Beehive Strap (to secure for transport)

Bees will be ready for pickup at our apiary in Elm Mott, Texas around the middle to the last of April 2019. Please include your email address and phone number. We will contact you to arrange a pickup time.