Pure-Bred Russian Nucleus Beehive


This nucleus of a beehive is composed of an established pure-bred Russian queen bee*, on five frames of beeswax combs containing bees, brood, honey and pollen. This growing beehive comes in a transport box and will need to be transferred into an eight or ten frame deep box within a week or two after pickup.

Please include your email address and phone number.  Next spring, we will contact you to arrange a date in April, 2021, for pickup from our home apiary at

664 W. Elm Mott Dr.
Elm Mott, Texas 76640

*All queens have been raised by certified members of the Russian Bee Breeders Association for Varroa Mite resistance, gentleness, and productivity. Additional information on certification standards is available at the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association website: www.RussianBreeder.org.