Beekeeper Mentoring Program


Please note: Our mentoring program is only available to students who have completed our initial one-day beekeeping training workshop. If you have not yet taken our one-day workshop, please register for it first.

The mentoring program is a month-by-month followup to our one-day beekeeping course. It consists of a series of monthly half-day training sessions. In these sessions, we share what we are doing in our beehives that month and provide hands-on demonstrations of the procedures in our apiary. Then the student being mentored can apply what he has learned to his home apiary. Students enrolled in the program can contact me (Randy Oakley) by text, phone or email with questions concerning their bee colonies.

Receive a $10.00 discount per class when you sign up for 2 or more mentoring classes at one time. When you add one mentoring class to the shopping cart, the price shown above will be reduced to reflect this discount.

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The goal of our beekeeper mentoring program is to help you become a successful beekeeper. Modern-day beekeeping presents us with a plethora of challenges to keeping our bees alive and productive. As beekeepers, over the years, we have pursued a course of letting the bees teach us what they need to be healthy and productive. There is always more to learn about bees but with over 40 years of beekeeping behind us, we feel that we are on the road to developing sustainable management principles that can help you become a successful beekeeper.

In this spirit, we offer this beekeeper mentoring program to share with you the management principles we use in our beehives to build resilient, sustainable apiaries.

Below is a schedule of the mentoring workshops we have planned for the year. Upon completion of our one-day beekeeping management course, you will be eligible to sign up for any or all of our mentoring workshops.

The 2022 Mentoring Workshop Schedule

MonthDate and TimeDiscussion Topics


February 5, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Understanding Spring Buildup

- Stimulative feeding of sugar syrup and pollen substitute
- Varroa mite sampling and treatment with FormicPro

Looking Ahead to March: Piggyback stack manipulation


March 5, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Building Production Beehive Population

- Reverse piggyback entrance and add box to production hive
- Stimulative feeding of sugar syrup and pollen substitute
- Begin swarm indicators monitoring

Looking Ahead to April: Population maximizing and swarm prevention


April 2, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Making Spring Beehive Increase

- Artificial swarming procedure / nucleus hive creation
- Maximize forager population of production hive
- Requeen production hive
- Stimulative feeding for building comb
- Monitor swarm preparations

Looking Ahead to May: Monitor honey production and storage


May 7, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Honey Flow Management

- Note development of distinct honey storage area
- Order frames in hive to maximize honey production
- Buildup nuc with stimulative feeding
- Monitor swarming triggers

Looking Ahead to June: Harvest and extract honey


June 4, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Honey Harvest Month

- Honey harvest and extracting workshop
- Varroa mite sampling

Looking ahead to July: Summer mite control


July 2, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Summer Dearth

- Summer Varroa mite treatment options
- Brood stimulation during summer dearth

Looking ahead to August: Fall piggyback split


August 6, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Preparation for Fall Piggyback Split

- Stimulative feeding
- Varroa mite sampling
- Order queen(s) for split(s)

Looking ahead to September: Managing piggyback split


September 3, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Piggyback Split

- Make piggyback split
- Check for queen
- Use sugar syrup and pollen substitute to build-up colonies

Looking Ahead to October: Managing fall honey and pollen stores


October 1, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Fall Honey Flow

- Evaluating honey and pollen stores for winter
- Varroa mite sampling
- Syrup and Pollen Substitute feeding

Looking Ahead to November: FormicPro mite treatment


October 29, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Winter Preparation

- FormicPro mite treatment
- Feeding for winter storage

Looking Ahead to December: Value-Added Products from the Beehive


December 3, 2022

9am to 12 noon

Uses for Products from the Beehive

- Winterize beehives
- Value-added beehive products