Beekeeping Management Class


Learn how to become a successful beekeeper in this one-day beekeeping workshop. Beekeeping has a number of challenges. In this course, we will present a proven model and approach for keeping bees in Texas. You’ll learn how to build and maintain a productive apiary, how to produce backup bee colonies, how to manage diseases and parasites in your apiary and more. Read the full description of the class below.

This beekeeping class will be taught at our apiary in Elm Mott, Texas.


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Spend a day with beekeepers from Oakley Family Apiaries (OFA) learning their proven techniques for keeping your bees alive and productive.

In this day-long beekeeper training class, you will be introduced to a beehive management approach and techniques for:

  • Consistently making a good honey crop
  • Splitting your colonies yearly to grow your apiary
  • Successfully requeening every year
  • Managing diseases and parasites
  • Preventing your colonies from swarming

This beekeeping class consists of indoor sessions, where we cover the basics of beekeeping and introduce you to all the elements of our beehive management approach and an outdoor session in our training apiary where we put into practice what we covered in the classroom.

You'll leave this workshop with a plan for the success of your apiary and a greater understanding of how to keep bees sustainably!*

When: 9 am to 4:00 pm


Oakley Family Apiaries
664 W. Elm Mott Drive
Elm Mott, Texas 76640

Note: Lunch will be provided

Phone: (254) 307-2337


*Unsure about becoming a beekeeper? The Ploughshare Institute offers an excellent introduction to honey bees and beekeeping that provides a good foundation to help in understanding and applying our beekeeping management techniques. For more information on their course go to or call them at (254) 754-9620.

Comments from Our Students

Thank you for an enjoyable and insightful class.  As experienced beekeepers, my wife and I have had the opportunity to attend and to present several introduction to beekeeping classes.  Your class is different.

You cover the basics, but you look beyond the first few months and talk about how a beekeeper can survive the natural colony loss that occurs in today’s environment.  You teach a system that not only replaces natural losses, but also allows a beekeeper to increase their colonies and make beekeeping profitable or at the very least a breakeven proposition.  The value of what you are doing is to keep new beekeepers from burning out from frustration.

Even though we are in our seventh year as beekeepers and have attended many state and even nation conferences, we came home from your class with renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas that we can use this year.

You gave us some valuable pearls of wisdom.

– Lolita and Joe from Boerne, Texas